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Capsterdam University is the first school of horticulture in our nation's capital. It was established to provide top cannabis education to all interested parties not only in the DMV, but for anyone interested in efficiently growing cannabis safely, mold free, mildew free, and paranoia free. We are an educational facility that wants to turn your passion into a career. Enroll now, learn to grow, and get certified to work in the cannabis industry by participating in the CU Job Placement Program.


What's Being Said

i was so excited to find a weed school on the east coast! I was literally going to visit Cali right before I found Capsterdam! I loved the teachers especially Brian! Thank god for his patience because I had too many questions :/.. I recently graduated and worked with the administrator for job placement.. it took her over 3months to find me a job but actually found me something that I wanted and liked to do! The funny thing is the job is actually out in California! So I am currently moving to Perri California next month for a new job opportunity and couldn't be more excited!

The staff was great! The education was great! (Not to hard to follow) The only negative is PARKING! Other than that I have no complaints

Kendall Doh

“I’m so happy I chose to work with Capsterdam University. From the initial consultation all the way through the project’s conclusion, the service I received was impeccable and the end result really brought my vision to life.”

Katherine Lampley

“You helped us expand our brand to a level we never thought possible. Thank you, Capsterdam University, for believing in us and pushing us forward. We really couldn’t have done it without you.”

shawn adgerson


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